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Memobrick | Story


For every little moment, there’s a little brick!


Whether you get one as a unique birthday gift, a treat for the kids, a fun activity for the whole family or something special to commemorate a new living space, every Memobrick tells a story. Build your memories brick by brick with our easy-to-use photobrick kits and watch as your favorite photos come to life in stunning colors right before your eyes. Having designed it yourself, you can rest assured that each Memobrick is a one-of-a-kind artwork that is guaranteed to become the talking point of your home. 


Memobricks make unforgettable gifts that are perfect for:

  • Grandma and grandpa - just think how much fun they’ll have building their Memobricks with the grandkids!
  • Couples - capture a special moment and turn it into a charming activity for two!
  • Housewarming parties - this playful construction project turns into a distinctive artwork that will light up any space!
  • Teenagers - keep them busy with an image of their favorite popstar made up of colorful bricks!
  • Pet lovers - there’s nothing cuter than an image of their darling made out of tiny bricks!
  • Boys and girls - if they love Lego, they’ll go nuts for a Memobrick!
  • Families - turn family memories into a fun-filled activity as you sit down together to create a magnificent collaborative artwork that you’ll treasure forever!
  • Yourself - treat yourself and engage your creativity while you craft a unique artwork that is sure to make you smile each time you see it!


A Memobrick is more than just a collection of bricks. It’s as an opportunity for you to unleash your inner artist while creating lasting memories with the ones you love the most. For this reason, the following guiding philosophies will remain a part of every Memobrick we create:



We’re passionate about getting your creative juices flowing and the possibilities are limitless when it comes to capturing your favourite moments, memories, people, pets and places. We like to think of each Memobrick as a blank canvas for you to pour your most creative ideas into - there is no image too challenging for us, and we are happy to accommodate your needs in order to bring your most ambitious creative vision to life. You supply the ideas and we’ll supply the bricks. 


Genuine Fun

Combining all of the best elements of puzzle building and toy block construction, Memobricks are guaranteed to light up the room and delight young, old and everyone in between. Say goodbye to screen time and get stuck in good old-fashioned hands-on building fun. 



Memobricks are a delight to build on your own but the real magic happens when you build them with others. Whether it’s family, friends or new acquaintances, nothing gets the conversation flowing like time spent working on a creative building project together. Don’t be surprised if hours fly by without anyone checking their phone - Memobricks are designed to require just enough focus to keep you grounded in the moment while setting the perfect backdrop for some quality bonding time. 


Add something special to your next family event or birthday gift. What will you create today?